National Day

09 August 1965, the day Singapore become independence. A historical moment for the nation and for the people. The day we stand together. The day we fight together. The day we work for each other. The day strive forward as a nation. And today we did it. Thanks to all our familes and friends.
This year 2011, we will hold our National Day Parade at Float@Marina Bay. At the event, you witness plenty of wonderful performances. My favorite and most touching moment is when we stand up and sing the national anthem and watching the national flag fly overhead us and saying the our national pledge. These moments just make me feel like standing up for our country and fight for whatever it may come. At the end of the event, there will be a wonderful fireworks. I thought the best act is at the finale when there are rapid and intense fireworks bursting up at the sky.

Every year, as the days grow nearer to National Day, I will yearn for Singapore patriotic songs. I still love the early days original Singapore National Songs. I still remember fondly of the songs, Stand Up For Singapore, Count On Me Singapore, We Are Singapore and One People, One Nation, One Singapore.

Those days as a kid, I enjoy seeing and listening to these songs been boardcast on television. Their lyrics had always inspire me to stand for my country and remind me of my Singapore roots. Fast forward to the 1998, the beautiful Home, sang by Kit Chan and written and compose by Dick Lee had somehow become a favorite national song. Many Singaporean living aboard will turn watery eyes after listening to this touching song during 09 August. In 2002, Stefanie Sun's We Will Get There is another commercial and patriotic sing. Both Home and We Will Get There's English and Mandarin version had attain a huge success.

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