Singapore Slang / Lingo

Singapore slang is a kind of English which we, Singaporean, used naturally in our daily conversations. Over the years, Singapore slang had become, ermmm... , Singlish. Yeah, Singlish had embodied into Singaporean way of conversing with one another. Well, often, we could identify a Singaporean in our oversea trip when we heard words of spoken Singlish.

Some people had criticise the use of Singlish. While many had taking pride of the Singlish language. Well, as Singapore is multicultural country, Singaporean tend to mix in their own mother tongue language or dialects with another language or dialects. Hence, over time, Singaporean tend to speak Singlish naturally. 

Of course, Singaporean are also able to speak proper English when the circumstance require us to do so. Well, different countries had their own slang of English as well. So do Singapore.

Below are the Singlish or slang that we use:

Blur Like Sotong: blur

Bo Chap: do not care

Bo Eng Lah: not free / do not have time

Catch No Ball: do not understand

Chiminology: too difficult to understand

Diam Diam: be quiet

Tio: hit / get hitted

Tio Arrow: been assigned a task

Where Got Time?: not free / do not have time

** more Singlish will be added on in the near future ... . **  

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