Mint Museum of Toys

This toy museum is an interesting place to visit. Nostaglic toys are housed in this five-storey shophouse. I would suggest you take a lift to the top floor and walk down from level to level. You could see the early-days Batman, Superman, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tin Tin and many more toys.

Mint Museum of Toys is really a fun and educational museum. It is really an eye-opener for me! If you are an avid toy collector, the Mint Museum is must-visit for you.

At the ticket entrance, you could also view a collection of old toys. Oh yes! These toys are for sales! I have to confess that it is very tempting buy a few of these toys to my bedroom! Well, I suggest ... don't resist, just buy it :)

Mint Museum of Toys
26 Seah Street +65 6287 0060

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