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This morning my mum told me that there is cake in the refrigerator and when I open take out the cake box ... I am thrilled to see the name, Jane's Cake Station, on the box! I had eaten this delicious cake before during my National Service days (all thanks to Roy who introduce me this wonderful cake!!!). And I had not eaten this cake again ... till this morning, as the place is located in Jalan Kayu, it is out of the way unless you drive.

Woww.. . it is probably around 10 years ago. But I had always miss Jane's Cake Station's chocolate cake.  I still remember that day when I first bite into the chocolate cake, I am thrilled by the taste and texture. Back then, Jane's Cake become one of my favorite chocolate cake.

Another sinful cake that Jane's Cake has is the wonderful durian cake! The dangerously delicious durian cake will leave you craving for more serving! :)

Happy eating :)

Jane's Cake Station
265 Jalan Kayu +65 6481 1322

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