BeerFest Asia 2011

Welcome to the annual Beerfest Asia 2011 ... . A wonderful event, from 16 to 19 June, for beer lovers! You could taste 250 different types of great and interesting beer from over 30 exhibitors. Drink up and enjoy beer from country like Australi, Belgium, Canada, Cezh Republic, Japan, Thailand and USA.

Look up for the live music performances by All Stars Beatles Tribute, Alls Stars Blues Brother Tribute and All Stars Rolling Stones Tribute and the outstanding The Killer Queen and The U2 Show - Achtung Baby. Yeah! Sing along and enjoy the music! I am sure it will be a wonderful and fun event with all the beer and music. Soak in the buzz and lively atmosphere!

I would suggest you don't drive to this merry Beerfest, please take public transport and enjoy as more beer as you want till the last drop!

Cheers and bottoms up!!!

Beerfest Asia 2011

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