Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, opened in 1973, is one of my favorite attractions to go and have fun! Yeah, I like to stroll freely around the 28-hectare award-winning zoo. There are 315 number of species, 16% of which are threatened species, and 2530 number of specimens in the zoo.

From the minute I step into the zoo, I will experience walking through a tropical forest. As i walk along the path of Rainforest Walk, I could gaze through many flora and fauna, and listen to the chattering of cotton-top tamarins at the same time. Many children like Rainforest Kidzworld as it is a colorful wonderland. Many kids enjoy playing and splashing in the Play Water In fact, I quite enjoy looking at the children having an enjoyable time out there!

There are also Animal Encounter and Rides which you can experience, eg, riding the elephant and horses. There are also tram and boat rides for visitors. I like to walk through the zoo, viewing the animals, fauna, listen and smelling to different types of "animals' sounds and smell". I love these nature experiences.

I strongly recommend all visitors to experience at least one Show Times or Feeding Times. I find it very enjoyable and fun! How many times could we actually see a real live jaguar, cheetah, giraffe, white tiger, chimpanzee, etc, etc, having live feeding times??!!! You may want to go the Singapore Zoo website and check out their Show Times and Feeding Times, so you could go earlier and catch them.

Remember to wear light clothing, bring along water and camera!

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road +65 6269 3411

Courtesy image and information from Singapore Zoo

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