Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens has a history of more 150 years, The Gardens was founded in 1859 by an Agri-Horticultural Society who planned the garden as a leisure garden and ornamental park. Fast-forward to today, the role of The Gardens has become a botanical instiution, tourist destination and regional park.

I think it is a wonderful idea to go the park over the weekend with your family or loved ones. The surrounding is so beautiful and relaxing. I like the smell and the surrounding greenery. It will be so romantic to stroll around and have an evening dinner in the park.

I would advise to wear light clothing and bring along umbrella and water if you wanted to explore the park. There are also many educational and interesting events at The Gardens. Check out their Calender of Events at their website and register for some tour!

Singapore Botanic Gardens
For location information, please check on their website as which is your preferred entrance.

Courtsey image & information from Singapore Botanic Gardens

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