Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is another great attraction in Singapore, especially if you are a flora and nature lover. Once arrive at this huge garden, I feel so cut off from the bustling city life in Marina/Orchard area. 

There are various attractions at Gardens By The Bay. Namely the Flower Dome, Supertree Groove, World of Plants, Bay East Gardens, Cloud Forest, Heritage Gardens, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes. 

The Flower Dome is a spectacular eggshell icon at Gardens By The Bay. The 1.2 hectares Dome house a huge collection of plants deserts from different corners of the globe. You could also discover many amazing plants and flowers from all around the world. Take your time to walk through the Australia, South African, South American, Californian, Mediterranean and Olive Garden. By the way, when you are inside the Flower Dome, you will be walking in the world largest columnless cooling greenhouse. You will also learn a lot of information on baobab and banksia trees.  

Supertree Grove consist of (what else??!!) Supertree of up to 16 storeys high. There are twelve Supertree at the Grove and six at the Golden and Silver Gardens. Take a fascinating walk at the 128 metre OCBC Skyway. You could also chill out at the Supertree top bistro.  

Stroll leisurely through the World of Plants and discover how plants and mushroom grow and benefit the rainforest communities. You could also learn a lot of interesting facts on the nature ecosystem.

Cloud Forest is another great attraction at Gardens By The Bay. It consist a man-made 35 metre tall mountain with waterfall. You could enjoy a fantastic view at the peak of the mountain which is 2000 metre above sea level! 

Discover the history and culture of Singapore at the Heritage Gardens. Walk through the four gardens and learn interesting uses of plants and how they shape the history and economy of olden Singapore.

At Bay East Garden, you could catch the skyline of Marina Bay. Sit down at the pavilion and relax. You stop over for a break while enjoying the view. Stop by at the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes as well for to snap some photos and relax. You may even see the buzzing dragonfly flying past! 

By the way, do note that some of the attractions require entrance fees. I would strongly advise you to wear light clothing and comfortable footwear, especially if you are visiting in the afternoon. Gardens By The Bay is a very big city garden, hence, be prepared to walk alot if you wanted to explore the greenery. Remember to bring along your clicking camera... happy snapping. And yes, do drink up lots of water if you plan to visit in the early afternoon. 

Gardens By The Bay
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